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Bella Owner of La Belle Nails and Spa

Born and raised from a large family in a small village in Vietnam, Bella was taught the only way to get a good job and a better life was to study hard. With that in mind and determination Bella became a nurse, working as professional heather care in the hospital. Bella had no idea about the beauty and spa industry and wasn’t even a thought at that time.

While in collage one of the motto’s “Serving you as I want to be served” taught and instilled into her that she wanted to serve her community and at the same time she had an understanding that she also had to do for her which was something she also learned in the health care profession as a nurse “what should be best for you”. She took that to heart.

Bella eventually found her passion in the nail industry.

Bella was blessed with the means and opportunity to be here in America as a second home. At this point in her life her dreams or as they say “the American Dream” became a reality through hard work and determination.

Fast forward to the present, she is now the owner of La Belle Nails and Spa.

Everything that Bella learned through collage and training via other salons Bella  strives on  her team being the best and strives to serve professionally and only uses selective high-quality products to every customer as a way to give back to her community.

Bella’s priority is to get you out of your stressful and busy life and make you happy and comfortable! La Belle is not only a place for yourself and  your self-love journey to begin but, it’s a place for your moment of joy with family and friends too.

All of your support will help Bella’s team to thrive in the community

Bella Prides herself in everything she does, not only does she take her job seriously she also gets to know each and everyone that comes into her salon by name. Her witty sense of humor takes the edge off most and makes her customers feel welcomed. She, a mother of four (4) understands and relates to most of her all of her clients whom also have been long term.

Bella’s leadership qualities have been far superior than most and knows first hand how to run a salon smoothly. Bella see’s each individual as a leader in their own way, she also knows that not everyone is a leader and understands their qualities and what they bring to the table.

Bella a Licensed nail technician and esthetician at heart and a leader by nature, loves to teach her technicians the area’s that they lack and she works with them one-on-one to bring their qualities to a higher standard.

Bella would love to do everyone’s nails but there is only one Bella and that is why she does her best to train each technician that enters her salon.

You the customer can help us by contributing more to our local commune by stopping in for one of the services that we offer. For your benefit, our team is committed to growing by learning and researching for better services and products every day.

Phone: +1(360)-891-4881

Master technitian/esthetician

You are fantastic at what you do, and I recommend you already to all of my friends. I will continue to spread the word about how happy we are with manicure.

Testimonials 1
Alicia portman, ny

I love coming to you. After a tough day at work, its great to come into a relaxing environment and receive a warm welcome from the team.

Testimonials 2
Nancy Clark, ny

As always my nails are amazing. You are such great professionals. I don't know how I ever got by before you came in to my life! You girls are the best!

Testimonials 3
Pamela Adams, ny

and service

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