The best time to apply moisturize to your skin


Moisturize your feet regularly to keep your skin soft and to avoid cracking or peeling

Use a pumice stone and skin softeners rather than chemical peels to remove dry skin, calluses, and corns. 

We recommend putting a bottle of moisturizer next to the bathtub to help remind you to apply it when getting out of the bath or shower. 

The best time to apply a moisturizer is the first three (3) minutes when you get out of the shower. Why? The pores in the skin are open and the skin has just been exfoliated therefore, giving you the best results. 

Dry skin is one of the first signs that your feet need a little TLC between pedicures. Applying lotion everyday will keep your feet moisturized and healthy. It will keep your skin and cuticles soft, which keeps your pedicure looking fresh.

If it’s difficult for you to maintain, schedule an appointment and we can do that for you.

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