The difference between Dip and Gel polish what we recommend


What’s the difference between Dip powder and Gel polish?

Gel polish is cured on the nail using a light allowing the Gel to cure and harden. The light that is used is a LED or a UV Light.

Dip is a powder that is sprinkled on a type of glue that is applied to the nail plate. Dip on the other hand (no pun intended 😉 uses air to dry so there is no need for the light. Both Gel and Dip are great products. Which one is better for the nail, Dip or Gel? If you like a longer lasting nails, Dip is the way to go, simply put. A Dip powder manicure can last up to six (6) weeks usually without chipping depending on how hard you are your nails.

Dip powder manicures actually protect and fortify your nails with that in mind, when the removal process is properly applied. Yes, Dip powder is safe!

Conclusion for Dip powder: For longer lasting manicures, Dip is the way to go.

Why go with a Gel Manicure? Gel manicures are great for the length of time it takes for the process.  The typical time for a chip to occur is roughly two (2) weeks on the norm, if any before the next fill, again depends on how hard you are on your nails.

Both Gel and Dip products are great for nail strengthening as opposed to the old school ways of applying and using a polish that has a lacquer base. Thank goodness for new nail polish advancements. Expect to pay a little more for Dip in comparison to Gel Polish.

At La Belle Nails and Spa, Dip is the choice between the two only for the mere fact that Dip powder lasts longer and is more durable. Make your appointment today and ask for a manicure of your choice, we love doing both and our experience is that we always do our best to make sure your nails last as long as they can.

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